2019 Agenda & Speakers

YDF 2019 post-event report

Sound bites, key points and other takeaways from the sixth edition of this annual conference.
June 2019

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Opening keynote presentation (9.40-10.10)

Dr Bruce Simons-Morton

Senior Investigator, National Institutes of Health

Presentation: Improving prevention effectiveness by understanding how novices learn to drive safely (Download)

Driver training (10.15 - 11.15)

Pat Delaney

Director of Operations, Driver & Vehicle Agency, Northern Ireland

Presentation: Northern Ireland Graduated Driver Licensing Scheme (Download)

Professor David Crundall

Professor of Psychology, Nottingham Trent University

Presentation: Making hazard perception testing more realistic (Download)

Professor Gary Burnett

Chair of Transport Human Factors, University of Nottingham

Presentation: Training for future driving: lost skills and new skills (Download)

Topical topics part 1 (11.45 - 12.25)

Quentin Willson

Patron, Young Driver Ltd

Presentation: The important role that parents play in helping their children to become safer newly qualified young drivers (Download)

Priscilla Le Lièvre

Project Officer, European Transport Safety Council

Presentation: YEARS: Young Europeans Acting for Road Safety. Designing safe roads, young engineers implementing infrastructure safety improvements in their local areas (Download)

2019 FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards Presentation Ceremony (12.25 - 12.45)

Interventions (13.45 - 14.30)

Simon Mclaughlin & Jen Stark

Safety Cameras Scotland

Presentation: driVR (Download)

Duncan Dollimore

Cycling UK

Presentation: Too Close For Comfort (Download)

Rhiannon Leeds

Co-ordinator, Lancashire Road Safety Partnership

Presentation: Arrive Alive - don’t text and drive (Download)

Sergeant Olly Tayler QPM

Devon & Cornwall Police

Presentation: The Honest Truth (Download)

Topical topics part 2 (14.30 - 15.10)

Dr Simon Jones

Lead Data Scientist, ingenie

Vision Zero: Plan to make progress on rural roads (Download)

Lucy Tatchell

Head of News and Media, Fixers

Presentation: The Young People Driving Change (Download)

Frank Norbury and Evan Webster


Presentation: Seat Belts: The Forgotten Road Safety Issue? (Download)

Communicating with young people (15.10 - 15.40)

Adrianne Carter

The Face Whisperer

Presentation title: Unlocking the face to unlock communication (Download)

Damien Cross

Head of Audience Engagement, To The End

Presentation: How to engage an ever-more sceptical, media-savvy and advert-aware audience - young people (Download)