2018 FirstCar Awards

2018 FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards

FirstCar launched this awards scheme in 2015 to recognise the work of road safety professionals in seeking to reduce casualties among young drivers.

The Awards were an immediate success and last year attracted more than 60 entries from road safety teams and other organisations across the UK.

The 2018 FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards presentation ceremony will be held at Young Driver Focus 2018 on 25 April.

2018 Awards shortlist

Seven organisations have been shortlisted for the 2018 FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards, which will be presented on 25 April at the Young Driver Focus conference.

The FirstCar Young Driver Awards scheme, sponsored by Road Safety Support, was launched in 2015 to reward best practice in road safety and ‘recognise the excellent work of road safety professionals’ in seeking to reduce casualties among young drivers.

For 2018, awards will be presented in the following five categories:

  • Best Education and Training Initiative
  • Best New Scheme
  • Best Partnership Scheme
  • Best Private Sector Initiative
  • Best Young Driver Media Campaign

The 2018 shortlist has been drawn up by a panel of judges comprising nine road safety specialists with extensive experience, who have selected schemes with clear and measurable aims and objectives, backed by evidence of evaluation.

The seven shortlisted initiatives and organisations are as follows:

The accelerate Safer Young Driver Workshop

Accelerate Driver Training

accelerate Safer Young Driver Workshop – ‘The most comprehensive, detailed and personalised of its type and importantly it links the behavioural elements to practical driving skills’

Cambs Drive iQ

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership

The Cambs Drive iQ programme demonstrates an evidence-based approach to programme development and how existing programmes can be utilised and enhanced to address local issues.


Drivestart, Safer Roads Berkshire

DriveStart adopts the latest behavioural science to demonstrably improve perspectives on subjective norms, reduce behavioural willingness and increase self-reported vulnerability in participants.


Warwickshire Police & West Mercia Police Safer Roads Partnership

The Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police Safer Roads Partnership ‘Invention’ campaign was developed to highlight to the younger target audience that roadside drugs testing was now in place. 

O2 Drive – Box 0n Board


O2 Drive supports young drivers with smartphone-led telematics insurance. Providing mentoring and driver scores; informing of unanticipated hazards; and rewards for good behaviours.

Speak Out

Kent County Council Road Safety

‘Speak Out’ showcases actual friends talking about their friendship and trust and translating this trust into ‘Speaking Out’ when they feel unsafe in a car. 

Young Driver Programme

Carmarthenshire County Council

A responsible car-owner/driver/passenger modular education course suitable for pre-drivers, learners, newly qualified drivers and their passengers targeted to 6th form and FE.