2018 Exhibitors

Gold sponsor – Ingenie

ingenie is a young driver insurance brand with a big focus on helping young people become better, safer drivers.

By fitting a black box in the driver’s car, ingenie collects data on speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, building a picture of their driving style. Three times a year, drivers then get the chance to earn discounts off their insurance – just for driving well.

ingenie gives drivers regular feedback online and through the ingenie app, so they can keep an eye on how they’re driving and how much they’re on track to save.

Quite simply: drive well, pay less.


For over a decade, FirstCar have worked to be at the forefront of road safety education and now provide award-winning resources, e-learning modules, expertise and practical support to over 100 authorities and organisations across the UK. We publish more than two million magazines each year, including titles for cyclists, motorcyclists, older drivers and, of course, young drivers as well as provide a vast range of digital and print media solutions including video, digital magazines and graphic design.

Check out www.firstcarmedia.co.uk and see how we can help you.

James Evans | T: 08451 308853 | E: james@firstcar.co.uk | www.firstcarmedia.co.uk

Romex World Ltd. is a technology company who specialise in the production and implementation of Road Safety Apps for both fleet and consumer. Distracted driving is an ever increasing problem, with up to 30% of accidents on UK roads having distraction cited as their cause.

The obligation to remain connected 24/7, whether driving on business, or a young person wishing to stay connected through social media, is compounding the problem and stretching police forces to their limits. Company Directors are facing the growing possibility of prosecutions, fines and even custodial sentences should one of their employees be involved in an accident where distraction is discovered to be the cause.

Our unique Distraction Prevention App, which has been awarded a ‘Highly Recommended’ status by world class researchers Transport Research Laboratory, will allow businesses to monitor and enforce their policies around work-related road safety (speed, distraction and fatigue), and ensure that is not one of their employees who is next to be making front page headlines for the wrong reasons.

Romex Distraction Prevention will automatically lock phones on the commencement of a journey (Bluetooth may be enabled if desired), giving employers peace of mind that their drivers will not face the temptation of reading a text, email or social media notification whilst driving or be able to make or receive hand-held calls.

Leaders in business need to take the initiative and set a good example to young drivers who face even greater temptation. Come and visit us at our stand to find out more.



Solon Security is the UK’s leading supplier of quality crime prevention and community safety products. We have over 20 years’ experience of working in partnership with our customers to deliver effective solutions and are proud to have developed a reputation as industry leaders in quality.

Over the years we have worked closely alongside customers within Police, Local Authorities and Road Safety Charities to produce quality, innovative road safety solutions nationwide ranging from hi-vis accessories and lighting, to education and awareness products.

Last year, we officially launched our greatest road safety solution: the Defender Signal Blocker. This was in response to the recent crackdown on mobile phone use at the wheel and the increased penalties for those caught using their phone while driving, particularly young drivers who could lose their licence entirely. Since its launch the Defender Signal Blocker has proven to be a success with many Police, schools and road safety partnerships and it even featured on BBC News!

The Defender Signal Blocker provides a simple, convenient solution to the issue; a quality, scratch-proof mobile phone storage pouch containing special material that, when sealed, blocks the receiving of all calls, messages and notifications, without the need to switch off the device. This removes the temptation for drivers to check their phones whilst on the move, with all missed alerts appearing within 30 seconds of removing the phone at their destination.

Be sure to visit our stand at the event for more information and to view the product yourself. You can also request details and samples by using our contact details below.

01352 762 266

Currently, for many drivers, their only mandatory vision check is reading a registration plate from 20 metres away as part of a driving test, and worryingly, reports estimate five million drivers on UK roads would fail this if they had to take it again.

What’s more, a recent Vision Express poll found that around 60% believe this method an inadequate way of determining good vision or ruling out any conditions that could affect safety behind the wheel. The research also revealed 20% of drivers haven’t had an eye test in over five years, and 94% don’t realise you can lose 40% of your vision without noticing.

Road safety campaigning is a priority for Vision Express and we build partnerships to further advance our ‘Eye Tests Save Lives’ initiative.

The two-year-long campaign has recently seen a breakthrough with the Government announcing that it plans to work with the DVLA to include an eye test reminder when motorists renew their photocard driving licence.

Come and visit our stand for more information on our work around road safety and to find out how we can provide eye care for young drivers.

Visit www.visionexpress.com for more details.

Since 2001, Westcotec has been at the forefront of the vehicle activated sign industry. Based in the centre of Norfolk, we have grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of quality vehicle-activated signs in the UK.

Vehicle-activated signs
Using the latest LED and radar technology, we are able to provide effective solutions to most traffic related safety problems using light emitting symbols and legends for warning signs and roundels from the Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions (TSRGD). Westcotec give a full six-year UK warranty with all fixed signage.

Portable signs
Portable, lightweight signs can be carried and installed on different sites by a single person. They are battery-powered and include a full 3 year warranty covering everything apart from vandalism, impact damage and theft. Extra bracket sets can be purchased in order to easily move the sign without having to move the bracket.

Interactive road signs: consultancy, installation and service
The installation of interactive signing needs careful thought and design. We can provide skilled, professional advice and guidance to ensure that clients are able to achieve effective schemes at best value. We can install and service your signs. We can repair and maintain other manufacturer’s signs, subject to survey.

Externally triggered signs
A number of sensors and triggers from external sources can be used to activate a set display on an LED sign. An example of such system is a low bridge warning sign to divert over height vehicles, as well as a flood warning sign which displays depth of the water.

Solar and wind power
Where a location lacks mains power or where mains power costs are prohibitive, solar and/or wind power is used on signs and systems. These signs are powered by 12V batteries recharged by solar panels and/or wind generators. These have a low-maintenance requirement and are vandal-resistant. If you are considering this as an option then a site survey is essential. This is provided free of charge.

Declared Aim
Our declared aim is to bring the technology of the future, to today’s roads. In-depth discussions with clients on their specific requirements has enabled Westcotec to gain the most comprehensive experience with road safety systems in England.

sales@westcotec.co.uk | www.westcotec.co.uk

You can’t get your driving license in the UK until you are 17 but now, thanks to Young Driver, if you are aged 5 or over you can now learn to drive in one of our 60 UK centres which allow you to get behind the wheel for real!

Young Drivers who are aged 10 years or older and over 1.42m (4’8”) tall are taught to drive in a brand new dual controlled Vauxhall Corsa with one of our team of over 450 highly qualified ADIs, all of whom have been DBS checked and individually trained in how to adapt the DVSA curriculum to be appropriate for younger children.

During their time in the car, our Young Drivers learn a whole host of skills including starting, driving, braking, corner control, changing gear, stopping and even reversing – and that’s just in the first lesson! All of our lessons take place on specially designed road systems created on private landusually surplus car parks, exhibition centres, showgrounds etc and contain individual training zones dedicated to teaching specific skills and manoeuvres whilst promoting safe and controlled driving.

Young Driver is fully inclusive. We cater for a wide range of physical and mental disabilities and have automatic cars with hand controls for wheelchair users at selected sites. 5-10 year olds needn’t miss out as they can now learn to drive too in our new Firefly electric mini cars.

So what are you waiting for? Move your child’s life up a gear with Young Driver – the UK’s largest under 17 driving lesson provider.

Laura White
0844 371 9010